Dress RehearsalThe DRESS REHEARSAL

When it comes to am-dram antics, there is usually more drama, comedy and mayhem in the rehearsals than the actual play. “The Dress Rehearsal” is a brand new play, penned by local playwright Julie Carlisle, in which we see the hilarious going-ons behind the scenes of an am-dram production. The scenes are interspersed with classic well loved sketches from past masters of British comedy.

A fun night is guaranteed for all, with mulled wine and mince pies – all for a good cause to help fund Coronation Hall roof repairs….

Performances: November 19 / 20 / 21st.

Tickets NOW ON SALE  from Volunteer office for next few Saturday mornings:

£10 (includes mulled wine and mince pies)

Don’t miss out !


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