August Newsletter

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Hello all,
As your new chairman I am writing to update you on what is currently happening within the Kintbury Players. But before I do, there is just a few words about recent events plus I would like to give  huge thanks to Gerry for his Chairmanship last session despite his very busy work schedule. As well as performing his duties as Chair he managed to put on a super production in Spring….thanks Gerry for all of your hard work. The committee remains the same with the addition of Meg who has taken over the membership duties, thanks Meg.
The acting course by Beth Flintoff from the Watermill was a great success, she got us thinking more laterally about our performances and instilled lots of new ideas. Her enthusiasm was infectious and I think that most of us felt the sessions didn’t go on for long enough, perhaps we can get her back next year.
Unfortunately the treasure hunt didn’t take place through lack of interest, perhaps August isn’t such a good time to organize group events.
We have a few new members to the Kintbury Players, thanks go to Gerry for arranging his spring production with the schools PTAs, the new cast were so enthused that we now have additional  talent to tap in to.  This has meant that for the first time Chris Trigwell has had more than enough people to choose from for his next production in November.
This production is ‘The Happiest days of Your Life’ to be performed from 23-27th November. I am Producer for this and will be arranging a production meeting within the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping to get offers of help without having to go down on my knees !!
On that note I think that as a drama group we need to all be involved with all aspects of the production so that actors help with setting up the stage before the production begins  and are available for any help required on the evenings after performances. Hope you agree.
The Committee works hard to make everything run smoothly from the finances  to the promoting of the society. Just a couple of the things we are looking at presently are to update our members list, Meg will be pursuing this. We also want to get a website up and running that we will keep up to date with current information, we are missing opportunities to promote the drama group and gain new members by not having this. The committee is there to meet the needs of the group so please contact one of the members if you would like to put forward an idea or have something to say.Looking forward to seeing you for the Autumn production.

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